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Common Wood Reed

Common wood reed

November 20 was the long-awaited seed mixing day for the Kane County forest preserve. Every Wednesday from September through October I met with the regular seed team volunteers and the Kane County staff at various forest preserves to gather seeds. I learned how to identify various plants and seeds (like Snakeweed and Monarda).

I met the seed team volunteers and Kane Co Forest staff at Aurora West Forest Preserve. We mixed the seed in the white barns. Afterwards, we enjoyed a potluck lunch in the little farmhouse. I brought one of my “friendship” breads I made earlier this year. Surprisingly, the dessert was a hit.

The seed mixing process was fairly simple. The seeds had already been separated from the chaff. We volunteers grabbed a bag of seeds (already labeled) and one of the staff members directed us on the % of the seed to be mixed into various containers for wet, dry, meso prairie or woodland.

half dry -- half meso prairie

The author holding her bags of seeds

Staff members with volunteer


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